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Orbis projection mapping


When technology meets classical music


  • Year :2016
  • Brand :Valérie Milot - Orbis
  • Agency : FIG55
  • Location :


The story behind

Digital arts combining visuals, electronics and music are gaining recognition in Montreal's art scene. The performance takes the spectator on a three-step journey, exploring the childhood, the music and the soul of the artist. In this third segment, a semitransparent dome descends and partly covers the harpist. A generative visual is created based on the movements of the harpist and then projected on the dome.

What we used

For Valérie Milot's harp performance in Orbis, we captured the musician's movements to control the different interactive elements on stage. Using different sensors to capture the velocity and strength of her movements, the audiovisual performance reinterprets the interiority of the harpist, making the invisible visible.


The behind-the-scene

Timecode Lab developed the interactive scenic elements and interfaced the harpist's motion capture. We also acted as the heart of the communications between the motion sensors and the light console, developing a communication protocol optimized for the specific needs of the project.


  • TouchDesigner

    Real-time generation system of video and sound effects to respond to the artist's movements and create a rich and interactive experience

  • MIDI / OSC

    Our system used MIDI and OSC audiovisual standards to communicate with the technical infrastructure and grandMA of Place des Arts de Montréal

  • Raspberry Pie

    For staging and immersion purposes, we used the Raspberry Pie which allowed us to relay the artist's movements