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Toyota Rav4 virtual reality


Immerse users in a real road trip experience using Augmented Reality


  • Year :2019
  • Brand :Toyota
  • Agency : Lumency
  • Location :


The story behind

Each year, vehicle manufacturers launch new models. Each year, the challenge is the same: to offer consumers a driving experience that highlights the advantages of these new models. For Toyota’s new RAV4 2019 launch, we created Virtual Reality escapes to showcase the specifications of those 3 vehicles: the RAV4 Limited, RAV4 Trail and RAV4 Hybrid.


the road trip

We travelled across Canada to capture a 360° perspective of adventures on board of the new RAV4 2019 models. Each vehicle was filmed in the environment most suitable for promoting its specifications. The RAV4 Trail was filmed on the snow-covered roads of Banff in Alberta, the RAV4 Hybrid on the rugged terrain of Blue Mountain in Ontario, and the RAV4 Limited on the urban roads of Old Montreal in Quebec.

Experience a virtual escape on Canada’s snow-covered roads

The VR experience

These videos were then used in the context of Canada’s main auto shows of 2019. Our SyncVR technology was activated on-site, to enable the remote controlling of Virtual Reality headsets. Participants could therefore embark on the experience of their choice and select their position in the vehicle, passenger or driver.



  • SyncVR

    Proprietary technology developed by Timecode Lab to simultaneously control multiple Virtual Reality headsets