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Mission Radio Canada


Experience Virtual Reality with your friends


  • Year :2020
  • Brand :Radio Canada
  • Agency : Timecode Lab
  • Location :


The story behind

Radio Canada wishes to develop a unique collaborative experience for its French-speaking audience in all four corners of Canada. The desired experience is intended to be unifying, participatory and technological. In this context, we developed a virtual reality game for Radio Canada in which 4 people can play and collaborate together to solve puzzles and win the game.

What we did

Using the power Unity game engine, we created an "escape room" type game in which participants must solve puzzles to restore TV, Web and Radio signals from Radio Canada. During the game, participants can interact with the virtual world and are encouraged to collaborate with each other to progress in their quest. Special attention has been given to the sound design with haptic feedback headsets for total immersion in the game.


An immersive experiences tailored to the needs and values of Radio Canada


  • Unity

    We used Unity game engine to bring the users to another world. Using virtual reality, the user was transported in a nearby future and had to save the communications. Bone transmitter headsets were used to immerse the user with haptic feedback.