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GM Calgary Stampede


Each participant receives his unique personalized video


The story behind

The Calgary Stampede is a rodeo and festival, gathering more than one million visitors every year. One of the most popular attractions of the festival is chuckwagon racing. With that in mind, General Motors decided to create a virtual reality race, not using horses, but its own powerful GMC trucks.

What we used

Timecode Lab was asked to create recap videos of each participant's performance. We installed an automatic video stitching system using action cameras. Thanks to our technology, every participant received a personalized video and was able to share his or her performance on social medias.

Automatic post-production system creating hundreds of recap videos




    Scripted post-production system enabling the automatic creation of videos with sound, visual effects and cinematographic design

  • Unix Philosophy

    We benefitted from the use of Windows Subsystem for Linux for editing and sending videos. Access to proven customizable tools like these has guaranteed solidity and reliability

  • GoPro

    Interfacing GoPro technologies, through an app that was specially developed to meet the client’s needs