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TELUS Charging Station

Timecode Lab

What We Did

#custom-built #interactive #game

Increasingly present in events, charging stations are useful, but unattractive. Seeking to exploit their utility while developing a commitment with the user, Timecode Lab created a new form of charging station. Combining utility and generosity, we have developed for Telus a charging station which, for every recharge minute, donates $1 by Telus to an organization.

Placing cellphones in a drawer equipped with a magnetic lock, our charging station allows users to leave the station knowing their cellphone safe, protected by a personalized password. After recovering his cell phone, the user received an sms indicating the sum donated by Telus.

Timecode Lab has ensured the design of the machine, the electronic design and the application development, creating a pleasant and easy experience for users of all ages. To create this station, we developed a UWP application that communicates with an Aurdino and a Raspberry Pie.

What we used

UWP, Arduino, Raspberry Pie, Electronics, Firmata, MySQL

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