Timecode Lab

What we did

#applicative #ar-vr

Virtual reality is a new medium gaining popularity in marketing stunts and conference rooms. While displaying a VR experience on one VR headset is pretty easy, managing an army of VR headsets can cause some epic headackes.

SyncVR offers the synchronization of multiple VR headsets. Our android App let you manage easily many VR headsets with only one tablet. Our plug and play solution to VR activations is easy to install and simple to use. Users only have to put on the headset and you take control of the VR experience.

Available on the Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream, SyncVR offers a fast and simple experience for you and your users. Great for brand activations, events or in a class room, SyncVR is scalable, easy to use.

Timecode Lab aims to create unparalleled experiences with users by developing tool combining technologies, interactivity and usability.

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What we used

Android Studio, Java, UDP, GearVR SDK, Google VR SDK, Ionic