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Orbis Projection Mapping

Valérie Milot / Orbis
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What We Did

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Digital arts combining visuals, electronics and music are gaining recognition in Montreal's art scene. For Orbis, the new Valérie Milot's harp performance, we captured the artist’s movements to control the different interactive elements of the show. Using different sensors to capture the velocity and strength of her movements, the performance reinterprets harpist’s interiority, making the invisible visible.

The performance takes spectators on a three-step journey, exploring the childhood, the music and the soul of the artist. In this third segment, a semi-transparent dome goes down and partly covers the harpist. A generative visual is created based on artist’s movements and is projected on the dome.

Timecode Lab developed the interactive scenic elements and interfaced the harpist's motion capture. We also acted as the heart of the communications between the motion sensors and the light console, developing a communication protocol optimized for the specific needs of this project.

What we used

Arduino, Windows IOT, Raspberry Pie, TouchDesigner, Midi, OSC, C#, C++

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