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Air Balloon Augmented Reality

Festival des Montgolfières de St-Jean sur Richelieu
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What We Did

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Each year, the Hot Air Balloon Festival offers magnificent hot air balloon take-offs. However, these can only happen at specific times and in a precise temperature. Therefore, most take-offs end up being cancelled due to bad weather conditions. But this year, Timecode Lab offered the experience of an augmented hot air balloon take-off, rain or shine!

By observing the empty field in our Augmented Reality binoculars, users became spectators of a striking hot air balloon take-off. The binoculars' design offered liberty of rotating the binocular on two axes, allowing the user to follow the hot air balloons from the ground to the sky.

Timecode Lab designed the binocular and programmed the Augmented Reality application. To ensure a realistic experience, content was adjusted according to wind direction, time and temperature.

What we used

Unity 3D, Vuforia, 3D Max, Nvidia Tegra K1 Shield Tablet

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