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Magic ATM

CAA Experiential

What We Did

#custom-built #interactive

An ATM machine has never been more trilling then with CHASE Magic ATM (Automatic Tennis Machine). For the 2016 US Open, CHASE wanted to develop an ATM machine that, for every deposited check, would give back gifts to help people master the open.

With brand ambassador ending out checks to passers-by, people were excited when approaching the CHASE's ATM. Having to choose between four ways to master the open, people could either "get closer to the action", "play like Serena", "fuel their trip" or "look like a pro". The chosen option would affect the type of gift the user received.

Designed and developped by Timecode Lab, we created a Windows Aapp to manage users' interface and an Android App to manage gifts inventory. An Arduino controlled check validators, LEDs and door opening.

What we used

UWP, Arduino, MySQL, Socket, DELs, Touch Screen, Checks Validator, Actuators

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